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Looks like alot of the touchy feely players need to grow up and just stop paying attention to general chat. I can get just as nasty as the rest of them on chat but what people seem to dont undertand its in fun and nothing serious. You just dont share the many types of humor thats out there is all.

Personaly i much rather see the crude in chat then boring convos of the mission they just did. And im sure i can speak for alot of players that do enjoy gen chat when i say its like taking a break from doing a mission or pvp. Sit on chat and talk trash. Sure alot of it can get out of hand but it doesnt last very long at all.

So instead of staying quiet and getting pissy about nothing that even concerns you, why not just say hey can we change the subject this is getting old. Or introduce a new subject. Lighten up and remember its a game and you can allways turn off general chat.
So, you get to be crass, vulgar and lewd and we should just deal with it?

That's not how it works. You agreed to a set of rules when you logged in. You can deal with them or run the risk of being disciplined.
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