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Since F2P launched the quality for subscribers has gone down hill in a big way even my self with tickets being rejected just to get them out of the way with lame template replying or the 5+ day turn around so what went wrong within the support ranks because as a subscriber I am really concerned about my future in this game.

Been a subscriber since early access but this may change if Bioware don't get there act into gear and start looking at treating us in a professional way.
Its not since F2P "launched" it since F2P was "decided" (months before launch) and they sacked all their staff, CS has been going downhill for a long time and the sudden influx of f2p'ers half of whom are probably complaining about bugs that have existed since well before F2P and they havent added any more staff to try cope with the numbers. They are running this game into the ground, people get sick of crappy CS quickly.