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12.10.2012 , 08:19 AM | #1

I love playing sorc i swtor ranked pvp, but a few things is rly frustrating atm for madness sorc.
At high end ranked, few teams are interested in bringing sorc dps over mara pr pyro (same with op dps and merc
Dps). Rly hope that some changes will be made to make these classes more attractive. Indånding mit saying that madness is bad, but there are not much burst (and burst is importent i High end pvp)
Anyway one thing that I think is very anoying as madness is dispelling of dots. Madness is alot about dots and healing ppl with dispelling and brains can dispell all my dots basicly at the same rate I can put them up. Dots have no chance to resist these dispells, and two dots are dispelled per cast. Just think its abit top strong
Anybody been thinking the same, or got another view on this?
English is not my first languish and this was wrote from telefon so if thread has alot of mistakes I apologize