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Yeah, definitely. People will have a lot of fun and joy over spending 1 hour in flashpoints that can be completed in 15 minutes that they have done perhaps a hundred times before and will have jolly good FUN!
If you run one certain Flashpoint hundred times - it's all because your own greediness has you.
No one needs to run a Flashpoint 'hundreds times' to get one part of gear set - no more then 10 and you will have it for sure.
You've got your part of gear? Run another Flashs for another parts. Got the whole set? Run operations. Did all operations nightmare mode both 8 and 16 men? You are kidding!
Nobody makes you run any Flash 'hundred times'. Nobody. There is no need for that in the game at all.

Wanna grind days and nights to be a little overgeared goddy?
Then do not complaint about "i am tired of hundreds runs to get proper gear for me, for my companions, for my alt, for my alt's companions, for my another alts and for theirs companions and just a bit to sell out on GTN to get some money because i am so greedy and first of all for BH commendations to buy more gear from vendors because big boys do not take me with them to operations..."
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