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Thanks for the various opinions on healing in a very..... 'Death match' state of imperial play. (Although my intent was to heal for rateds one day.)

I don't know how many people read this thread but the amount of healing I've seen in the last week or so in 50PVP for impside seems to have multiplied, greatly. Which is fantastic.... even if the healer is just getting his/her feet wet it's been nice to see.

In my guild we have a few good Op healers, so I probably would suck too much to work into that position personally. I would love to transfer all my gear from my PT to my Merc to try healing on him, but so far my suggestion has been met with laughter.... (I actually was serious about this).

I know the overall state of Commando/Mercenary is quite bad in competitive PVP, but it's still my favorite character and I do see great Commando/Merc healers now and again in solid PVP matches. It does seem though that 'top end' numbers belong to sages and ops but I'm assuming that just the way the mechanics of those characters work.

The amount of healing I've seen has actually made me wish I hadn't stripped my Jugg of his gear (for my Mara)... Tanks are still very rare.

I still really want to try merc but I am currently 'stuck' in a DPS role and not sure how much I want to do ranked anymore at this time.

Thanks for your help.
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