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Combatmedicjr - The irony in your post is not lost on me. In Virtus et Honor I can honestly say there is no ego. How could there be? We pretty much play with everything we have, geared, ungeared, seasoned, or new 50. It doesn't matter.

Yet even if we are losing hard, often all we do is say 'GG' to you guys, and we are usually met with incredible negativity... or perhaps 'ego'. Why? I have no idea. We have a general rule of trying to be good sportsmen, regardless of the loss/win.

Just this weekend me and a guildy had this experience with you guys, and the guildy half jokingly asked me 'Why are they like this?' I have no idea, I said... just ignore them.

I've resigned myself that for the time being we won't be competitive in ranked PVP. We tried something, it did not work... we are trying something else... it may not work. Personally I'm so frustrated with Ranked I'm about to give up on it. If it weren't for the good people in my guild, I would have stopped queuing months ago.
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