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There seems to be the idea here the the PT Jedi Order was somehow extremely powerful relative to the KotOR era Jedi/Sith.

While their knowledge of Force techniques was more developed, their knowledge of battle was laughable. Anakin and Obi-Wan had to learn the hard way how to fight wars, while Bastila Shan was trained into a Jedi Order that was fighting a war against a Sith army, one that had an extensive pedigree of experience fighting against Mandalorians and Jedi-led Republic troops. Revan's forces were well directed and formed around a core of battle hardened veterans from the Mandalorian Wars. Just to survive in the Jedi Civil War, Jedi would need to become experienced lightsaber duelists, and there is no crucible better than war.

At the time of the PT, the Jedi had experienced a thousand years of peace, without fighting against any large group of force and lightsaber wielding enemies. Their practical fighting skills were meager, at best. The real life historical examples of combat skills decaying during peacetime, only to be re-learned over the course of a war is enough to attest to this.

So, Ventress bested numerous Jedi who had no practical saber combat experience. Cute, she gets points for trying. Bastila had fought and killed Dark Jedi, Sith Warriors and countless experienced Sith Troopers. Contrary to what someone was saying earlier, it's not possible for Jedi to get stronger through peaceful meditation. They may find enlightenment, but not combat skills. Numerous Jedi became skilled warriors without falling to the Dark Side, and the only way to develop combat skills was... combat.

While Ventress may have been able to hold her own against Anakin, remember that he was still only barely a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. He was still apprenticed to Obi-Wan when the war broke out, and was a complete rookie to saber combat during his first duel with Dooku. Likewise, Obi-Wan was the only living Jedi during the Pre-Clone Wars era to have fought a Sith, and his battle was very nearly a crushing defeat. In short, the Jedi that Ventress fought and killed were poor examples of martial prowess, and while Ventress is clearly a skilled fighter, I doubt she could hold her own against someone tempered in the battles of the Jedi Civil War, when lightsaber combat was not an art form, but a way of life for those fighting the war.