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12.10.2012 , 05:19 AM | #1

I have been playing this game from day one. I have been playing this game on the following system:

Asus Notebook
Intel core i5-2410M 2,3 ghz
4 gb
Nvidia Geforce GT 520MX 1 gb

up to patch 1.3 i was playing with all the graphic's on high with shadows on and everything. After patch 1.3 i started to get "lag" (probebly low fps) or whatever. I had to turn all my stats down to low with shadows etc off to be able to play smooth. after patch 1.4 even with every stat on low Warzones were not playable for me anymore, so i quit pvp and i started doing PvE. Doing FP's and some Operations were fine. But now after patch 1.5 i even do quests at 15 fps, Operations i play at 5 fps....

My question is, is this game getting heavier with every patch or what? i have read the forums and tried a few things like install new Nividia drivers etc. Nothing seems to work.. Am i forced to buy a new 1000 euro laptop just to be able to play this game now?