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12.10.2012 , 05:07 AM | #510
My commando is my 2nd 50 and frankly the leapers screw me over. Sure I can Kb and SLOW them down until they get within their melee range. My cryo grenade stuns (can be broken) then I am left with my root that sticks them for a good 2-3 sec for 1 grav round shot to hit them. Point is trying to kite a melee class as a commando is pointless I get smashed and Juggs/Guards are worse as they are immune to every single defensive ability we have (root/stun). I am tired of being a glass cannon and just being destroyed by level 20s who get the jump and I cannot do anything with their leaping ability or their snipe-n-win. I would like to have my full auto to root and my root to go back to a KB, it was nice to Kb and being able to move back a bit to get a shot in.