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I can't gear my 50's.

I need to be doing Ops and FP and WZ. I never get a game (SM or HM) at the times when I want to play (late after work, weekends). Until recently I was a part of the Nightmare Council Group 4 Raid Team, but I've left because I can't commit to the raid times due to work. Even if I stayed it was only twice a week (doing 1 HM Op each night) on one character.

I know some people who are regular guilders or who are currently students or not working full time that can play whenever and gear up quickly, but it's just f****g impossible for me.

I think I'm resigned to the fact that I can't play my characters on APAC servers and I'll have to start, all over again, on Harbinger or Bastion.

You suck Bioware. Also - I lodged a ticket and you told me to join a guild. Good one...Idiot... (Do I get banned for that? Ah what the hell, the person that told me to do that IS an idiot.)
Indeed I submit 3 tickets about this and no reply at all, seems obvious that they are ignoring the fact about this a long time ago they are being stupid right now I tried to get my self in a HM ec for a while just to gear up and nothing is going on at my free time that when I can even play at all.

Also I'm in NC guild and it seems its the the only guild is still doing raids on the server most of the time anyway and it is impossible to even get in a gear up raid anyway due too the time they do raids at late at night and other just than weekly first 2 bosses on sm ec and tfb sm that's it.
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