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Proof? ... you have to prove it, which you haven't done. You just post your theory over and over as if it's self evident fact, with no proof needed or given
According to this line of thinking, you need to *PROVE* that PowerShot is better than RapidShots since you've repeated that over and over. Oh wait, I proved it wasn't. By using.....MATH. And when faced with that numerical proof, you simply ignored it and repeated your "articles of faith". Which is exactly what would happen here if I tallied the next hundred warzone matches on my server with Merc Pyros in it. You aren't looking for proof, you are just fighting a rear guard action out of stubbornness.

You don't like my theory? Then ignore it. Ignore the fact that it explains why BW habitually double nerfs classes. Ignore the fact that it explains why BW buffs skill trees that the top PvP players acknowledge are already the most powerful. Ignore how players migrate between classes. And ignore the fact that BW periodically touts their ingame stat collection.