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So once again, today the common denominator to run any HM is to get BH comms, if you don't like it get a guild and stay out of groupfinder.
It's so but it's WRONG!

i assume that people en masse always do the easiest way.
with recruit and soon-will-be-in-1.6 tionese armor for free - nobody will run HM Flashs for that stuff.
with BH commendations and BH and campaign gear to buy a few of people (especially overgeared) will not skip bonus goals and minor bosses
Anyone will be glad to have all the gear without even running Flashs or Ops, just with one click (see recruit stuff) - we are lazy and mean, you know.

But that players have such opportunity to skip content - it's a mistake and must be change.
If the content is made - everybody must run it in full and proper way. No skipping, no sidewalking, no cheats.
You pay to play not to skip!

It's a matter of bad design.
And of bad loot balance and gear levelling too, but it's another question and another discussion
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