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im sorry but the fact is for a a sorc to 1v1 any of the big op classes right now (pt pyro, jugg, mara, assasin) then we need to completely out skill and have perfect cc/slow management.. and also doign everything accordlingly we will still take a moderate amoutn of dmg, and it will take baout 30 seconds- a minute to drop one of these dudes after goign through there defensive cds and hp pool.

i can also say that my sorc who isnt perfectly geared but at mix of bm and wh gear.. i can FREE cast on say a pt or jugg and it would still take me about 20 seconds at LEAST of uninterrpted full on dps to drop him...

lets look at it in reverse.. that same pt, jugg, assasin, mara gets on us and we're idk chained stunned or not ready or our knockback misses or our sprint gets bugged (sprint away but teleported back and rooted).. that MFER could drop us in about 10 seconds if not sooner..

last time i checked it was supposed to be an MMO staple that the squishiest classes could put out the most dmg..

well Bioware has a tough time with this concept because the squishiest class also goes down the easiest

most of my sorc/sage brothers can probably attest to being gunned for over and over and over simply because we take the big crits

even at 1240 expertise im still getting smashed for 6.7k and vcious thrown for 5.5k
chain mauled by sin's for 4.5k stunned for 8 seconds straight vs pts and coming ut of the stun with near no hp

and god forbid 2 classes get on us, other classes can pop defensive cooldowns and make a run/put up a fight.

a sorc gets 2 or more on them u might as well pack it in.

utility or not.. this class needs some help.. a complete revamping of the lightning and madness trees