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I get where the OP is coming from. In terms of Star Wars canon, it seems kind of weak that such a legendary figure is brought down by a random squad of mid-level Joes.
It's important to remember that, even when you're mid-level, you're not average. Right from the start, you're friggin' amazing at what you do: level within the confines of the story represents less of an actual progression of your character's skills and more the temporal progression of your character through their relevant story. It's not like becoming the Champion of the Great Hunt spontaneously makes you a better BH; the title of Champion simply represents you getting *recognized* as being the best damned bounty hunter around, when it's been true for quite a while already.

Mechanics, like level and stats, are abstractions completely separate from the story proper. A good example is the Consular storyline (if you've ever done it) or the Inquisitor storyline. In the former case, you're given the option to perform a ritual numerous times that is supposed to make you substantially weaker with each progressive use yet you never actually get weaker with each progressive use. In the latter, you end up doing something and bites you in the *** and starts pulling you apart, supposedly weakening you substantially. In both cases, if anything, you actually get stronger because your level is increasing while the story effect has no mechanical impact. The weakness is a story concept that is completely separate from the mechanical abstractions of level and actual gameplay effect.

As such, you can't really say that Revan is beaten by a series of mid-level schmucks when, according to the story, Revan is beaten by the combined efforts of the Emperor's Wrath, an ex-slave Sith Lord that killed a Darth as an apprentice, Cipher 9, and the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt. Without the abstraction of an MMO's need for a large number of levels, you wouldn't say, based upon those titles, that any of those people were "mid-level". You'd probably say that they were appropriately high level, based upon their achievements before.
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