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A FP's boss encounters should drop upgrade for the majority, simple role, I don't know why you are against it.
"Should" again. "Should" is a highly subjective thing.

I think that Bioware should design encounter that are difficult, but not impossible. I think that Bioware should bring encounters to the game that cater to different levels of ability. I think there are Tier 1 flashpoints and Tier 2 flashpoints. I think there are Tier 1 operations and Tier 2 operations.

I think that a Tier 2 flashpoint and a Tier 2 operation should provide a significant level of challenge to cater to the more skilled players, to give them a reason to keep logging in. I believe that Jesse Sky is referring to "tuned for Tionese" meaning that it was turned for the more skilled players.

I also think that Tier 2 flashpoints and Tier 2 operations should not be so difficult that they can't be mastered by less skilled players. These players accomplish this by "overgearing" And the gear drops are therefore less rewarding.

This, in my personal opinion, is fair. This is also, I believe the intent of the designers of HM LI.

What I am against, is players trying to convince the designers that they are making encounters too hard. If they believe this to be the case, future flashpoints and operations will hold less challenge.

I have been bringing my voice to this thread over the last 4 months because I want to assure the level designers that harder content is a good thing, and why I believe it to be so. Some day we will see Hammer Station, Mandalorian Raiders, Collicoid War Games, Cademimu, Athiss and The Red Reaper as hard modes. I want these to be Tier 2 flashpoints, very difficult, and require skill and expertise to master.