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Not even close bub. Can you even read my post correctly? I referred to Marauders not Juggs. Large numbers of Mara/Sents were transitioning to Rage/Focus before the buff, but since they also had to grind a new set of gear, they were underperforming. And hence, meta averages for the spec were down and the buff occurred.
Again source? I don't recall there being a huge influx of mara/sents switching over to smash spec before the buff. I recall a metric TON of them the day AFTER they buffed the spec. Your logic is severely flawed. They don't buff classes cause FotMers are driving down meta averages. FotMers flock to classes which have been buffed and away from classes which have been nerfed. But maybe I'm wrong. Since you clearly have access to all their data though maybe you can provide the exact number of derp smashers in the weeks leading up to 1.3 along with their accompanying meta-averages.

I didn't PVP back before 1.2 but apparently there used to be a ton of TM/GR spammers. Would not a ton of untalented spammers have lowered the meta-average and thus not drawn the ire of the nerf bat. But there WAS a ton of QQ about it.

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As someone who generates probably 90+% of the Merc Pyro meta average on my server, I can conclusively state that Merc Pyro damage averages on my server are higher than any other subclass. For the vast majority of the player base who actually pays attention, BW's notorious statements about classes being within 5% of each other in damage output, about KDR and about precisely monitoring the number of stun lock kills is more than sufficient evidence that BW uses ingame collected statistics to drive class (im)balance management. You, it is clear, feel that I have somehow but a burr up your backspout with math and statistics. It's too bad. But math and statistics will continue to exist.
Proof? You do good in warzones, have access to every single merc and commando on your server, have access to literally everyone else's numbers server wide, and can thus conclusively show that Merc/Commando meta average is higher than every other subclass? Go ahead. Post your data and it's source.

Also I never said they didn't use their infamous metrics. I said you make a wild claim when you think they just collect a bunch of data, take a meta-average, and then no matter what anyone else is saying, buff or nerf based solely on that. That little blurb about K/D ratio that got everyone in a huff? That came from a guy whose ENTIRE JOB is to take all that data they're collecting and properly interpret it and analyze it and turn that analysis over to the people who need it. You're assuming that this is all done in a vacuum.

You know what the thing is about math? You have to make assumptions which are actually valid and you have to prove your claims. If there's a "burr up my backspout" it's because you're doing it wrong. I certainly hope math isn't going anywhere, because I'm depending on it for job security.

You've taken the knowledge that they collect tons of data from ingame. You know they've made a ton of absolutely idiotic class balance changes. You've then taken that knowledge and concluded that this is the only thing they're using for balance, and that the guys in charge of interpreting the data are also quite stupid.

Now your conclusion might actually be true, but you have to prove it, which you haven't done. You just post your theory over and over as if it's self evident fact, with no proof needed or given, and then operate based on your conclusion which so far as I can tell has not been validly reached.

In addition to being an example of how not to do logic, this is just counterproductive because you might be the guy standing on a large soap box loudly exhorting the masses not to burn all their crops. They weren't gonna do that yo. BW may or may not be doing class balance based solely on this mythical meta-average. If they are, then fine, you're right to tell them to stop doing that. If they aren't, then every post you spend talking about this just distracts from the issue.

So before bothering to tell them not to do that we should be assured that that is what they're doing. I personally don't think they are. You're blatantly asserting that in point of fact they are. Your claim, your burden of proof.

So. Source?
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