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What Bioware does not comprehend is that player migration causes a inverse relationship between buffs and class performance. The more a class is buffed, the more new players/rerolls surge towards that class. The influx of undergeared, inexperienced players lowers that classes meta average productivity - which is what BW measures. Conversely, when a class is nerfed, the people who leave that class are the worst players using that class - as they are the ones who now find the class non-viable. The ones who remain are the best geared, most skilled players. Thus the meta average productivity for a nerfed class actually RISES.
As I've said before, I think you've probably hit the nail on the head with this one. On the plus side IF we ever do get fixes, the resulting influx of crap players to the AC will probably lead to a chain of further buffs later heh.

Silly Bioware.
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