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I've met groups who can clear a few bosses, but Tionese groups cannot beat even 1 real boss, no matter they know the fight or not, and unlike HM EV/KP, LI encourage PUGs otherwise it would not be on the GF selection.
Actually "good" tionese groups can clear LI HM, I've met a tank who done it in recruit gear first time with his guild. However by the term "good" I'm talking about the top 5% who are at the top of their game and know their class inside out.

However the gear requirements should not be based on what "good" players can achieve but what the majority can, the reason BW seem to think tionese is OK for the masses is because they probably want more people queuing for it. It's a misconception to the average joe who thinks he can handle it in tionese or recruit on a random PuG GF run when really his group will be picking up the pieces because of it.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!