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No its not, NiM EV drops rakata and so does SM Asation. NiM EV is only 'easier' because its been out since day 1.
Mechanics wise, EV is much easier than TfB. The first boss of EV basically is straight up DPS, second boss is the same as the first, only melee need to run in and out, third boss is repeatedly killing some mobs and pressing a button, fourth boss is just basically attacking a dummy. The only boss with any semblance mechanics is SOA.

And, as Decipio said, we'll do EV NiM in PvP gear, and maybe even Mando heals (as our Mando heals evidently has no trouble healing Operator and Kephess).

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You can be affiliated with us in spirit!

Thanks for the support.

Also, anyone have any ideas for Terror? We're running into a wall with the tentacles.
Maybe we should try our T & Z method. Or you tank both xD