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Markos stood up growling rage visible in his eyes. This is my life! My purpose! I will not have it snatched away by one such as you!! He let loose a force scream and then rushed to Rafeesh with force speed swinging a force charged punch at him.

Several of the troopers in the room were blown up as Means grenades went off. Nerken swung around the door blasting a sith down from a cat walk. He then engaged a squad of troops guarding the far door. Kregan was still stealthed waiting for an opportune time to strike a pair of sith rushing towards the elevator. As they closed the distance between them and Nerken and the others she stabbed them both in the backs tossing them towards the center of the room.

Hadocks fleet arrived into the chaos of the space battle. His men began scurrying around the bridge as the dreadnoughts main guns began tearing away into several unsuspecting Imperial ships. He pressed a button for an intercom that would broadcast to all of his allies ships. This is Hadock Stratos Leader of the Mandalorians! Today the Empire shall no that no one fears them!
"TIME FOR A SLAUTER!" mean laped out the door and ran at the nearest foe, brualy attacking them, while zero stayed in the cover of the elevator, taking shots at targets whenever she had an opening