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It's the same guild but with a different name, different GM, different officers and different members... but okay.

There's a reason I had them create a new guild, because it's not the same guild. The only original member of EI in Select Few is only there because his subscription wasn't cancelled in time. The Officers of Select Few are taking a bit of liberty with "it's the same guild".
Quote: Originally Posted by dominius
The former members who decided to keep playing SWTOR created a new guild called Select Few, I'm sure one of them will post their updated kills.
Quote: Originally Posted by nomuno
Elitist Isolationists have been renamed to Select Few:

Video of 16MN NiM T/Z on website.
You can see my confusion. So am I tracking EI and SF as one guild or two guilds? If its two then I'm gonna need proof of SF killing HMTFB still.