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Before the buff to Focus/Rage, Rage Juggs were known to be a strong spec when played right but weren't exactly super popular. Only the very dedicated played the spec...
Not even close bub. Can you even read my post correctly? I referred to Marauders not Juggs. Large numbers of Mara/Sents were transitioning to Rage/Focus before the buff, but since they also had to grind a new set of gear, they were underperforming. And hence, meta averages for the spec were down and the buff occurred.

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As for your numbers stating that Merc/Commando does the most damage, I need some proof...without some hard proof that BW is relying .... on ingame metrics, your entire theory, and by extension all your crazy rants on the subject, don't hold much water.
As someone who generates probably 90+% of the Merc Pyro meta average on my server, I can conclusively state that Merc Pyro damage averages on my server are higher than any other subclass. For the vast majority of the player base who actually pays attention, BW's notorious statements about classes being within 5% of each other in damage output, about KDR and about precisely monitoring the number of stun lock kills is more than sufficient evidence that BW uses ingame collected statistics to drive class (im)balance management. You, it is clear, feel that I have somehow but a burr up your backspout with math and statistics. It's too bad. But math and statistics will continue to exist.