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You're pretty much the only person who has cleared it and is claiming it needs to drop better gear.
No, other people in this thread also cleared it.

No people wouldn't run D7 once they got there Aratech. Doesn't mean it needed to be changed, but if you're rewarding people with BH comms for doing a PUG run, you better not penalise them heavily for getting some bad RNG.
Yes and then why shouldn't LI's drop fit its difficulty?

You can run SM LI to get most of the mechanics but HM adds a couple and makes the existing ones more punishing. This is EXACTLY the same as TFB and EC (Fearful, Overload, Gift of the Masters, Incubation and Lightning Field come to mind as either being new brutal or just more brutal than they were).
But like TFB/EC HM, the HM should drop better gear, not just to test people.