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So what? Even Anakin took Palpatine 13 years to corrupt, why didn't Palpatine just lock him up and let Dooku torture him for a week? Baras was a powerful Sith as well but even Normen Karr's agent could endure all his torture then he said "BAH! I CANNOT BREAK HIM!" and had to risk his powerful apprentice to get the Ravager.

Personally I think Malak is a failure as Sith, he failed to kill or surpass his master, and his words before dying disgusted me, especially the dark side end "I AM NOTHING!" should never come out from a Sith Lord.
This is like the Satele/Malgus thing all over again.

It didn't take Palpatine 13 years to corrupt Anakin. It took him 13 years to become a trusted adviser to Anakin so that he could corrupt him. It took 13 years of building the kid up, so that he could tear him down in a matter of weeks. You're comparing physical and mental torture to subtle psychological machinations. They're pretty much the exact opposite of each other. He wasn't called Darth Sidious for nothing. Palpatine loved the mind games.

Malak, however, was very much the impatient kind. Can't find Bastila after a couple of days (or hours, depending on the source) of searching a planet? Might as well just bombard it. Want to cause pain to someone you hate, even if you're no match for him in a straight-up fight? Cause pain to someone he loves.

Why didn't Palpatine let Dooku torture Anakin for a week? Any number of reasons. Take your pick:
- Anakin was too young.
- Anakin was too untrained in the Force.
- Anakin was too unproven in the Force.
- The chances that Dooku would willingly create his replacement were slim.
- Palpatine wanted a true believer at his side, rather than someone who was forced to turn.
- Palpatine liked screwing with people.
- Dooku hadn't yet outlived his usefulness.

Really, I could probably go on. But, Palpatine's moves didn't really start until the duel with Darth Tyranus on the Invisible Hand. That's when he started really pushing it, when his plans were about to come to fruition.
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