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That is not a nice thing to say, but you represent many of those I met when I investigated this.

It is sad that Biowares flashpoints has become nothing more then comm grinding farms. People used to enjoy killing bosses and had alot of fun, that is atleast how it used to be.

I stil enjoy the flashpoints though and I never ever only do them for comms, I do them because I think they are fun do to.
As do I. When leveling I love running FPs. They give good gear, help you learn a toon and how it fits in a group. At 50 diong HMs most people have the gear, they know their toons and they know how the fit in a group. So you just speed run it for comms. Plus, everyone overgears them these days so it isn't a challenge, there is no sense of accomplishment like the first time you downed Bulwark pre-nerf, the first time you took out LR-5 and Lorrick or even the first time you took down Ironfist. Thanks to over gear (most of) these aren't scary anymore.
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