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I like your ideas very much. Don't dare to touch the damage, just increase our survivability, mobility and damage frequency.

What I really like is that Run and Gun would be tied to Rocket Punch (is that Stockstrike btw?....sorry I only have a commando), which I almost never use in PvE. In long 7-10-15 minute ops boss encounters I actually want to have my Grav Round/Tracer Missile to have a cast time, so I don't drain my ammo too quickly, when I need sustained DPS.

So having Run and Gun tied to a melee attack that you only use in PvP anyway is an awesome idea. You can fire off quick abilites in a tight situation in PvP but it doesn't affect damage frequency, when you're fighting at range (where you should always be) both in PvP and PvE.

One quick change, though. I'd welcome the idea to be able to cleanse Force abilities. In fact it is annoying in fps, ops and mainly warzones, where there's an overabundance of Jedi/Sith debuffs. But if we get the ability to cleanse Force, it would only be fair to give the same ability to Scoundrel healers and the ability to cleanse Tech debuffs for Sages. All healer classes should be able to cleanse every type of debuff I reckon.

All in all, great ideas here. Hope BW reads this.
Pretty sure he said elsewhere that all heal specs should be able to heal all kinds of debuffs. I agree.

And yes, Rocket Punch is the mirror ability of Stockstrike.
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