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But after subjecting her to torture for a week, Malak eventually succeeded in forcing her to give in to her hate and fall to the dark side.

I remember she said it in the game, so that's quite weak in my dictionary.
Hold on a second. Holding out for a week while being tortured is weak? Let me rephrase what Wookieepedia said. Bastila was tortured for a week before she gave in. A week! And she was Malak's only project at the time. I dare say that no one on these forums would hold out for an hour of constant torture, let alone seven days.

And it's not even like her torture had any real reason behind it, apart from the act itself. Malak wasn't looking for information. Oh, sure, he could have used another apprentice after Revan so easily beheaded Darth Bandon, but I think the real reason why he tortured Bastila was because he knew it would hurt Revan. He wanted to turn Bastila to cause Revan pain.

And she held out for seven days. She's got balls of steel, if you ask me.

But, the the point of the question in the OP, sure. Revan could have found love. But, instead, he decided to find the final solution to the Sith equation. And, if he actually did survive the Foundry (I don't think he did), then it could be possible he finds love later on. There will always be that part of him that loves Bastila. And he may never love that deeply again. But, he could find someone, sure.
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