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I gave this a little thought, and actually realised I don't. Sure they didn't represent the Exile too well, but I thought Revan was very well done. And maybe he's robes did look a bit rubbish. But hey, the story was good. I like how Scourge helped Revan and Meetra face the Emperor and then helped the JK do the same in a nostalgic scenario. I thought that was really well done. And I like how the whole Treaty of Coruscant was orchestrated by Revan - wasn't that cool? And I think it was a great idea to have the Republic heroes rescue him. And then the Imperial heroes 'defeat' him. You don't give the flashpoint enough credit, its got the whole Rakata theme going on, you get to meet HK-47 and fight him, and the confrontation with Revan is suitably epic and nostalgic.

I think its important that Revan didn't play too big a role in SWTOR - after all its not his story anymore, its about the heroes of the Republic and the Empire. Revan's and the Exile's story ended in the Revan novel.

And I really can't see the grounds for peoples argument against the presentation of Meetra. You can't ruin a character that technically never existed. Meetra never spoke aloud in KOTOR 2, you just selected words from a menu, Meetra was you and obviosuly people aren't going to like how Meetra turns out, because that isn't them.

OldVengeance makes a good point here though, perhaps it would have been better if they have remained legends who dissapeared into the Unknown Regions to fight the Sith Empire. And SWTOR could have left clues as to what there fate was, but still left it vague. Unfortunately OldVengeance, while this is a good idea, those in favour are severely outweighed by those who wanted to see Revan, HK and the Exile return in SWTOR. Well, be careful what you wish for...
Thanks for the spoiler bro