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12.09.2012 , 07:09 PM | #13
You just have to look at the skill tree and see if it's viable. Imagine fighting an operations boss. Because these are the fights that actually matter in PvE, you have to see if the skill points you've applied will actually make you more effective in a boss fight.

For example, anything that grants or improves anything about slows, stuns, speed, sleeps, and stuff like that is, more times than not, useless in a PvE environment. While it's definitely useful in PvP, most boss fights in PvE will have immunity to such effects, which make your skill points worthless and could be better invested in other places.

Please don't follow cookie-cutter builds from places like Noxxic to the T. Actually read what the skill does, then make a judgment call. That's how you get good.