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A needed spot in a team is not a passenger. Try do a HM flashpoint with only a healer and a tank, with standard gear.

I would never call a needed spot a passenger.

Now ontopic on my original subject please
Did and done before is not that hard as long as those people know how to play their class. Sin Tank and Sorc Healer. Just about everyone in SWTOR has a CC. (No Mez class required) Everyone has a class buff and no class has a specific job of buff/debuff. (No Bard type class required) The whole game is linear with no sandbox elements so you are not camping a spot and bringing mobs to a party. (No pulling class required). I challenge you with this. Try doing any FP at the rated level with nothing but two DPS or even four DPS.^^

And I only brought it up beacause you did.
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"Dear MMO maker. I have found that something in the game is still somewhat challenging. Please nerf it."

I really hate the mainstream sometimes.