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Ald had made dinner once again. It was becoming habit and it was nice to sit down and talk with his people, even if his people included a smart-mouthed Twi’lek and a starched and proper officer.

“My Lord, I’ve been looking over our finances lately,” Quinn started stiffly.

“Yes?” Ald asked.

“You spend an inordinate amount of money on removing modifications from your armor. I feel that is an unnecessary expenditure.”

Vette laughed then tried to cover it up with a cough then decided that laughing was far easier and settled on laughing. Quinn sneered at her briefly.

“I like wearing a certain style of armor, Captain,” said Ald.

“That is all well and good my Lord, but you are burning through cash quite quickly. You’ve started picking up missions from the randoms we encounter just for the money. It isn't healthy my Lord. We need to balance the budget, starting with your penchant for customizing a certain set of armor.”

“This armor was given to me by my first master,” Ald said quietly.

“Sentimental value aside, taking out the modifications to put them in your Imperial uniform when we head to the Cantina - to ‘troll the locals’ I believe was the phrase - it costs money. And then you take them out again and replace them. Leaving wear and tear aside, this is expensive. Unless you would like to cut a few cooked meals from the roster, I cannot find another way to fund our main objective,” Quinn said stiffly.

“How many meals?”

“All of them. We’d be eating nothing, but ration bars and drinking nothing, but water. We do need to fuel and maintain the starship, my Lord. These modification costs will ruin us.”

Ald slouched in his seat and pouted, but Quinn’s face was completely impassive.

“Fine,” Ald said reluctantly.

“Very good, my Lord. As it is, I do have a bit of personal funds saved up. We could purchase new modifications for your Imperial uniform, ones you won’t need to remove ever again,” Quinn said helpfully.

Ald perked up and grinned. He knew the stiff bastard loved their Cantina nights.

“I trust you to handle this matter, Captain,” Ald said, taking a judicious bite of food.

“Actually, I was going to have Vette balance the budget,” Quinn said evenly.

Ald nearly choked. Vette did choke. Ald reached over and slapped her back a few times.

“What?” Vette asked hoarsely.

“Kidding, of course,” Quinn said blandly.

“Of course,” Vette said, rolling her eyes.

Ald shook his head. “I have complete confidence you will handle this accordingly, Captain.”

“Your confidence is not misplaced, my Lord.”

Ald shook his head again and took a swig from his drink. Someone would die at Quinn’s hands if he continued joking like that.
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