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12.09.2012 , 05:16 PM | #105
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Hello everyone,

We are currently investigating this issue internally. If you find yourself in this situation again (going from subscriber to preferred or Free-to-Play and back again), please go ahead and post the following and we will investigate further:
  1. Your character name.
  2. Your server name.
  3. Area logged in to (ie. Republic Fleet, Voss, etc).
  4. Approximate time when the incident occurred.
I know there have been a few patches over the last week or so but this issue is still occuring.

1. Anguaa

2. Harbinger

3. Smugglers Cantina near Senate tower on Corsucant

4. 2:54PM PST

Logging back into the character now (3:16PM PST) It is back to subscriber status.

Same issues as reported previously, total loss of rested exp, hotbars reduced to 1 and all hotbar icon locations erased when logging back in with subscriber status restored....etc...etc....