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Yeah what youre saying i fully understand. Me being a healer does help some, and which class youre playing matters no doubt. One player rarley can change the outcome of a game. Maybe a score, or a cap. But change the whole game? hard to do. Even more so, 3 good players may not be able to help a team thats really, really, bad and dumb. Hard to do. So yeah I agree with you on that.

However I have the mindset that if my team is losing over and over. Theres has to be something I can do to change that. I hear people talking about pubs suck, or they still on the weekly on a friday. I dont care what class you play, if youre losing much more then you win. You have to at least start with yourself, everyone uses the easy excuse of "REPUBLIC SUCKS." Thats just a easy out! Those that say: Republic sucks, yet they are republic? they're saying they suck.

P.S. Skolops If i ever play with you, from what it sounds like i hope its on your shadow...
Haha.... I'm actually fairly certain I've been in a few matches with your trooper on both the shadow and gunslinger. Won as I recall.

Don't get me wrong - I don't mean by any stretch to say that a gunslinger or sniper is useless or can't do anything without a good team, but it sure makes an enormous difference. Give me a healer keeping the slinger alive in a voidstar and I'll have 500k Damage or more (topped somewhere in hte mid 8s on a long civil war) and be able to use my CCs and root to cap, stop caps, even peel guys off the healer. Give me that same voidstar without a healer and with a bad team and I'll do 250 - 300k and probably save 3 or 4 doors but in the end, still get killed 12 times and end up on the losing end.
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