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12.09.2012 , 04:04 PM | #46
I hope niether are dead.

Malgus is the sole reason I went Imperial he is pure awesome in the CGI videos and after reading the book I grew to like him even more.

As for Revan, I feel sorry for him. Seems all he does is try to protect the galaxy and always seems to end up doing the bad thing.

I hope that if they do bring them back they stay as storyline characters rather than dungeon bosses, one thing i hated about WoW was the way you killed off all the characters that made the lore good (after Arthas died their was nobody left alive that i liked in WoW lore which killed the stroy for me).
The siege of Coruscant was in fact brought to an end after the republic agreed to give the Empire a Shrubbery, one that looked nice and wasn't too expensive.