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Quote: Originally Posted by Sydexlic
As a DPS you will always be a passenger in the group.
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I do not agree with you, not by a longshot.
Actually for SWTOR Sydexlic is correct. FP's are pretty much a two person party with the other two slots fillable for what ever cc's/damage dealing meat heads you can find. And I say this with an Arsenal Merc main. You do not need a puller because you are not camping. There is no decidated buff/debuff class nor is there a decidated mez (cc) class as everyone has those abilities. Bascially all you need is a Tank to keep hate, a Healer to keep the tank alive and two other randoms that can spam attacks and/or cc's over on adds. Don't beleve me try playing EQ, FFXI, or even Rift somewhat and see what you need for a party makeup when running a raid or a dungeon.
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"Dear MMO maker. I have found that something in the game is still somewhat challenging. Please nerf it."

I really hate the mainstream sometimes.