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I'm happy for people to be allowed to transfer off the RP Server and the PVP server to Dalborra, but if this thread results in people being allowed to transfer OFF Dalborra, then it will only serve to kill off what population it has, despite still being the highest of the three servers.
Unfortunately, that may very well be the result, anyways.

It doesn't really matter which of the three servers has the 'highest population' at this point. I know for a fact that Gav Daragon is the only one of the three consistently rated above 'Low' population in all but off-peak hours (thus the 'evidence' is that GD is the 'highest population server'), but that counts for pretty much nothing. It is unlikely that either Dal or GD has much of a population advantage over the other. We all want to think the server we play on is doing 'the best' (though folks on MDN are 'spared' this notion, from what I've seen), but absent real EA numbers, there's just no way to know. Even the server status message that says Gav Daragon is 'the most populated' means nothing...because until EA shows us some numbers, we just won't know. All three are ailing and underpopulated.

The unvarnished fact is that the population on all three would see a lot of people jumping ship if they instituted paid transfers without first attempting a merge of the servers, and all three would quickly choke and keel over. If you allow transfers off server X, you'd pretty much have to allow them off of server Y and server Z as well (substitute whichever server name for whichever letter you like). Merging the servers first would allow everyone to see if the consolidated population was viable enough (and by all accounts, this is pretty much the only solution that would work, apart from cross-server WZ/FP/OPS group finder).