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im not sure what your getting at on this post on account that i only skimmed, but it sounds alot liek your making the assummption that consulars are subpar in both diciplines (shadow and sage).

id like to point out that this couldnt be farther from the truth.

sages are arguably the best healers in the game, tue mobility is an issue but can be easily managed by a skilled player.
as well almost all current content requires little or no mobility at all.

shadow have the HIGHEST potential mitigation, and are arguably one of the most survivable (self heals), light armour is just a classification when it comes to shadows wince we recieve a 115% boost to armour in tank spec. as well your arguement on them not having ranged capabilities, shadows have the capability of a decently high damage attack at 30M (force potency+TK throw) besides the point your arguement is invalid because ranged tanking is a nonexistant thing in SWTOR. all engame content is tanked in melle range and even for vanguard tanks most of their threat and damage capabilities are limmited to <15M.

as well i saw several coments directed to hybridization. hybridization is completely impractical in TOR unless if you are hybid sage (balance and TK trees, which has the highest damage capabilities) hybrid DPS/heals or DPS/tank specs are completely impractical and useless in all endgame PVE content (there is some viability in PVP in which case the best spec for a shadow in PvP is a hybrid balance and defence trees)

i hope i was able to clear a few things up for you.
so if anything id say the consular is anything but obsolete,