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On the FPs : they don't progress linear on difficulty. I found that at some point you can go through them but you can't outlast the boss (es).. By then you have to be 7 to 10 levels above. At L50 I run Boarding Party regularly (great source of credits). Don't compare them to BT, BT is a piece of cake designed to introduce players to FPs.

I run my Jug with a LS and a Shield (remember I play PvE). Since damage isn't your main goal, outlast the enemy is, the shield might prove more useful when on a team with healers and DPSers. Keep one and the other on the stash, you can always switch see what works better. BTW, orange level shields are dropping everywhere and you can make a much better shield with upgradeable parts. Also, many enhancements for orange pieces have shield rating on them which again can make your shield that much better.

At L33 the 600+ is pretty good. Don't waste too much money yet, the better and more expensive items are yet to come. Example : crystals and hilts are ubber expensive. I can make those with one of my toons so feel free to mail me level and skill (str I guess) and I can make you either. ;-) Mail ingame to SithRyoko. I don't charge but if missing some materials I'll let you know.

Note that I find leveling up from the low 30s to 40 a bit of a hump, seems to go so slow. But once you enter the 40s it will go much much faster. So keep at it.
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