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12.09.2012 , 12:43 PM | #46
From where the heck this thread of my jumped out ?? : p
I made it like a lobby for consular (my favorite class) I wanted to generate a fierce debate what could lead a bunch of qq, useful ideas, suggestions... in the side of consulars like a reaction vs the intrigue posts on my point of view that "the class is obsolete" : p

I wanted this from the reason, that I was 100% sure that free to play / 1.5 will bring new lvl cap, so it seems a good lobby for the class's new skills. But it didn't worked out and there was no new lvl cap, more then this, it seems the devs are satisfied with the class balance how it looks like for now(I am disappointed), I don't see intention to change from there side, so the thread it self is obsolete : D