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12.09.2012 , 11:36 AM | #55
I am definitely guilty of giving up on imp. side and like a few stories i read here i had the same experience on my last weeks or so q'ing imp side on combatmedic(sr) lol. It was absolutely dreadfull q'ing up on imp side me and my friend booglefunk (who's hopefully making a return soon) were devastated after the server transfers how bad imp side was so like many of the good pvp'ers we followed suit and went pub side in hopes of joining ld50. I like what try hard uniteds is trying to do as far as consolidating the good pvp'ers into one guild but i believe they are going about it in the wrong way, infidelz tried doing the same months ago and failed because with good players also comes an elitest attitude which i am also guilty of having myself . My favorite guild imp side is virtuous honor ( i can't say uncensored they're our competition why ? because whenever you see them in a wz you know you're in for some competition , they have a die hard attitude and no ego's as far as i can tell. When ranked first started for us on canderous ordo we put together a pug one afternoon and almost did the impossible at the time, we almost beat ld50 (we lost by a hair and at the time imp side guilds were getting farmed by ld50) why do i bring this up ? because this pug was composed of the biggest ego's imp side , i'm not going to mention names but 5 or 6 or us were never in the same guild imp side on canderous ordo and i kept preaching to all these people on a weekly basis if we can check our egos at the door we can be the top guild on the server and eventually infidelz was formed minus some key players (and later went on to beat ld50) , i wasn't originally in it because of my own ego problems but i later followed suit. Point of my rant and this story is i believe if the best players imp side got together and made people app. and were trialled by good players and denied or accepted based on a night of ranked or regular warzones and crunched some numbers afterwards you'd have a solid guild if you can all check your egos at the door (outside of uncensored or even with uncensored hey isn't that an idea lol ) yeah this wouldn't solve the problem of there only being one dominant guild imp side / pub side but with the number of good pvp'ers i believe this is the only way you'll bring balance back to pvp. You can make many arguments against what i'm saying and i'm aware of these points before you make them but until you check your ego's at the door and get together your pvp frustrations will continue , these are a few key players impside that i know who can step up and make this happen.
On a side note i am noticing a lot of players coming from the fatman / prophecy of the five claiming they're pvp gods and we're garbage please stand up for yourselves in wzs and don't let them troll you.