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No, I would not change to tank only to play more often. I always play to have fun and to tank is not fun for me
As a DPS you will always be a passenger in the group. What the tank and healer wants is generally what the group will do, you don't like it? You can always step in to their role and take control for yourself.

And again, the gear is worthless, the time spent is a waste for the VAST majority of players out there to kill these mobs...because lord knows, I really need another tionese crystal to go with my collection of 1000, pretty sure it's been at the cap for months.

I don't need that crap even my companions don't need that crap. If I'm in there, I'm there for BH coms and BH coms alone. Sorry, but you are just another nameless face who happened to be in my group. I don't owe you anything and you don't deserve to have any expectations of me or my time.

Get your chance at columi gear at the end and be thankful for that and your daily BH com reward and put up.