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Felt this would be a good place to ask this, but where does the sonic barrier bubble get its number from? I assumed it was like the sage and gunslinger bubbles that come from bonus heals, but I was recently told by somebody it was actually from Endurance. Any insight?
There's a lot of questions based on this, and the only explicit formula I've been able to find for it is outdated and largely wrong (mainly because the number it says most tanks should be at is way higher than it actually should be).

From what I've been able to tell, I highly doubt that it's based off of Endurance. The only things based off of that are percentage based effects that are generally explicitly labelled as such. You would also start seeing bigger differences in absorb ratings between hp stacking tanks and mitigation stacking tanks, which you don't really see. I'm pretty sure it's based off of Bonus Healing but, for some reason, is either bugged to be a largely static value based only on level (like the Shadow Techniques) or has a *really* low coefficient (such that it's functionally the same regardless of how much power you stack because it takes way more Bonus Healing to make a difference than you're gonna be able to pack on). As such, most Guardian tanks just treat it as a static ~1000 damage absorbed per Blade Storm used.
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