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Revan got corrupted by the emperor to cause mass genocide


I really don't know why you people even want him to be alive (as in, not the PC that you played. The idiot we got as an npc). Seemed to me he realized what had happened to him, parrots Malak and allows himself to become one with the force (see big glowy explosion of light) as the only real "**** you" he can give to the emperor.

I don't like what that book or ToR did to Revan and the Exiles story. Personally I'm preferring to ignore bits or "canon" that don't follow my Kreia sponsored "failed Xanatos Gambit" tragedy.

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LOL it's not fanon it's official cannon smart one.
You are entirely missing Quethings point by the way. I don't agree either but you're being obtuse :l
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