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12.09.2012 , 08:16 AM | #37
Ironically, for PVE, of all the Madness-based hybrids that I tried, MM is the weakest. These 3 pts used to get 30% crit damage on maul are just best put somewhere else. Tried 2/11/28 with Thrashing blades and 3/3 Creeping death and it wins by a pretty good margin. Now, Darkswell is just awesome, it costs a lot of skill points to get it tho, since the tier2 deception skills and insulation are just plain useless dps-wise.

So i agree with one of your statement Xethis, CT is kind of a weak dot and Darkswell is damn useful, but I don't think Induction is worth getting in PVE. Darskwell + UK must be insanely good for burn/execute phase, so I'm willing to try it out in raids, but the only fight I would consider getting Induction is Kephess the Undying because you only have 3GCD to burst.