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Meh when i see topics about revan like this, only reminds me of a wasted oportunity.
They could have done much more with the story of Revan.
Personaly i would like alot more if everything remained a mystery, only bits or clues, in the game that could hint to what Revan and exile did.
Regardless, it is knowed what happen to bastila she died with old age, with her son being supreme chancelor ( was not force sensitive) But his offspring, would be sattele. I might be skiping a generation though not sure about it.
My point is Bioware not even takes avdantage of this. shamefull, her being of the family or Revan.
But as bastilla is concerned, i think the book "Revan" mention she always waited for him, she could feel him alive sometimes trough the force, but without realy knowing for sure.
Basttila shan was a women of passions and beliefs that are not easly shaken, she and revan shared a deep bond. After everything they did, and to be married and seen as outcasts by the jedi order at the time, and being jedi them selfs, These are not kind of people who drive their lifes by those type of instincts even amoug jedi they were far from regular.
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