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Reading all of these comments, I haven't seen anyone at all mention one of the primary reasons that I, and many others, now skip all optional content inside of Flash Points.

The Loot Nerf of Patch 1.4.

Loot tables themselves were curtailed, rates of items dropping were severely reduced. Comms awards you needed for gear were also reduced, and how you get them was restricted even further. Why?

A few reasons:

To slow gear progression. There were tons of complaints about people gearing up too quickly. Well, this will help solve that little problem. This also allows them to be lazy and not add any new Flash Points to keep the people already geared but aren't raiding, satisfied. Instead it just encourages said geared players to rush through for their daily/weekly comm allotment.

Free 2 Play. Now that there isn't tons of Artifact quality items dropping from every Boss in a Flash Point, the ones that actually do drop, act as a big carrot towards getting Free 2 Play players to purchase the authorization from the Cartel Shop.
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