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Lately i've been trying to to grind for some good operation gear but it has not been easy almost half the teams that i manage to find seems to have a buzz killing quiter in it. Some of them will Quit before we even start the operation, then there are some that will fight to the second last boss then quit for no reason which really destorys the team then we can't even finish the operation. I tell you this is very frustrateing Why is there not a penalty that will make these jurks think twice about that?
anyone else been having this problem?
First problem is lack of knowing mechanics and raid awareness, some people don't have a clue what their doing even in a story mode and don't listen when people explain which leads to destroying the patience of more experienced and raid aware people who just want a quick run without wiping 10 times in a row.

Secondly the rewards system doesn't encourage people to stay in, 5 BH comms on a story mode isn't worth devoting hours of time for to carry some randoms through a story mode especially when half the time you lose the quest and have to put a ticket in just to claim it. Also on the harder ops that are not in group finder they give you a bunch of comms for completing the mission terminal quest... but after the second boss. It doesn't really encourage people to continue. Ideally they should just scrap the GF mission and terminal quest and have each boss drop a few comms.

Thirdly I would say people don't devote enough time to doing operations, partly due to what I explained above but also they queue in GF or LFG in general without considering real life aspects and responsibilities. I've seen someone quit an op halfway through because they've had to pick up the kids or take the baby to the doctors etc., just the other day we had someone drop out at soa without one attempt because they needed a shower. People should think of these things before even contemplating to start an operation, if you don't actually have time to play the game because of real life responsibilities why waste everyone else's time by joining?
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!