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12.09.2012 , 04:24 AM | #10
Thanks everyone for the replies, meanwhile i was able to get a new comp, and now im completely lag free, which helps a lot. Also i got all the datacrons, matrix shards, also i wasted 80k of money on mods / equipment, now i have around 610 STR and 630 END (at lvl 33), dunno if that is good enough, i certanly feel stronger now, although i still can't solo Mandalorian Raiders which kinda makes me sad as i'm 5 lvl-s over it, and my BH can solo Black Talon (is that the name of the first FP?) at lvl 13.

I'm still using vengeance, although thinking about switching to rage, as i have been reading the class forum for juggs a lot and to me it seems that rage is regarded better. Until now i have not realized that as a jugg i could use 2 lightsabers instead of a shield, now what i would like to know if this would make any sense? As before i'm leveling mostly solo, sometimes doing H4-s and very rarely FP-s. Honestly i'm not feeling that the shield really gives me that much of a bonus, but i could be wrong.