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Uh, no. It's because in Huttball, good players know it isn't about killing the enemy. A good Huttball team can virtually ignore a Merc standing on the upper levels. The Merc doesn't have enough firepower to dps down a tank carrying the ball, can't yank him into a fire pit, and can't push him off a distant ramp. And since the Merc doesn't even have enough firepower to dps down a sprinter going a head of the ball carrier, the Merc is irrelevant. Nowadays the Merc can't even stun an enemy crossing a distant firepit. The Merc is useless so he gets the ultimate insult from the enemy team - he is ignored.
I kinda agree with you, to a extent. Any decent team still need a couple of dpsers to hold the middle area clean of vermin
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