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Unfortunately you are closer to the truth than many of these hopeful, sunshine pumper posts.

I expect they will do something like give JetBoost a 50% increase in movement speed for 2 sec and the removal of all movement restrictions when used. But since they really don't want to buff Mercs, they will also increase the energy cost of JetBoost to something like 35. That way they can nerf Merc damage output after JetBoost is used. That would fit in well with how BW views Mercs.
dont give them any ideas!!

i really dont know what to think. the numbers about playstyles that bioware has shown us recently and in the past show that the majority of players in the game participate in warzones. PvP is not the red-headed step child that some players would have the devs believe, and their "metrics" show that. but they continue to make changes (or dont make changes) that have significant negative effects on the PvP environment. which only further alienates their playerbase, drives away the high quality players (the min/maxers that post guides, frequent the forums, give advice, provide quality feedback, etc) that are the backbone of any MMO.

i just dont understand. with no class changes in 1.6, despite a new WZ (meaning a greater focus on PvP) the gross imbalances that exist in PvP will continue.

its mind bottling.
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